Vitamin “L” (Love) Goes a Long Way

When people hear that I’m a nutrition and wellness coach, they assume that I’m all about making them eat green leafy vegetables and getting all their vitamins in.  While that’s important, of course, there’s a super special one that is more important than the others – Vitamin “L” (love).

While our health depends on what we feed our face, how we live is equally, if not more, vital.  How are our relationships?  Do we enjoy our careers/life in general?  What is our spiritual practice like?

I have a secret for you – food, spirituality, our relationships, our purpose in life – it’s all connected.  So, you can eat broccoli all day but still be grumpy and unhealthy.  Or, you can be a happy-go-lucky junk-food-junkie but have multiple health issues.  I work with my clients in a holistic way to balance their secondary food (what they put in their mouth) and their primary food (their lifestyle) so that they can achieve the optimum version of themselves.

So, how can a regular ol’ gal balance both food and lifestyle to get to her best, shining, sparkly self?

1.  Adopt an 80/20 way of eating
If you can eat well 80% of the time, then allow yourself 20% for indulgences.  This way you can love yourself enough to make good choices most of the time.  When you do choose less-than-stellar choices, it’s OK.  No one can be perfect all the time, so building in this “cheat” time is key to a lifetime of good habits and a positive attitude towards food (this means no more beating yourself up!).

2.  Make food with love
You know how much you enjoy mom’s or grandma’s cooking?  Food cooked with love tastes better and somehow nourishes your body more fully, because your body will feel that love.  Try to prepare food for yourself in a loving way, and then see how your body loves you back!

I made some special vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies for my son Nathan this past week (he is on a gluten-free diet for allergies right now).   Yes, they have sugar in them and are a special treat.  However, he was so happy that I made them just for him, and I loved making them for him.  The recipe is from The Flying Apron and is definitely worth making again.

3.  Give gratitude
Studies show that people who build in gratitude rituals into their daily lives are happier overall.  I love to write 3 things I am grateful for each day in my journal.  Another way to do this is to go around the dinner table and have each person give a small gratitude for the day.  Incorporating a positive mindset is crucial to living a healthy life.

Did any of these tips resonate with you?  Share a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

Do you need help around balancing not only your nutrition but your overall lifestyle (and Vitamin “L”).  I’m here for ya!  Contact me to set up a chat session where we can carve our easy, simple steps for you to live your best life.



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