But healthy eating is so expensive!

You all know I LOVE me my health food store.  I could just go in and look for hours – the freshness of the ingredients, the numerous healthy options – it’s pure entertainment for me.  But, the number one roadblock that I hear from people is that “healthy eating is so expensive!”

While I could go on and on about why our government is subsidizing corn so that it can be made into cheap high fructose corn syrup for our bottomless Big-Gulp sodas yet they do nothing to help us afford our spinach, I won’t get into that here. Nor will I contradict the idea that healthy eating CAN be more expensive – especially with $3 power bars, $10 smoothies, and organic meats that are nearly double the cost of than plain’ old meat.

What a dilemma! 
Do we eat cheap processed food and pay the consequences through our health and future doctor bills
Do we pay more for beautiful, vibrant foods but risk financial strain?

But don’t worry too long!  Here are some simple tips for you to eat better while still watching your pocketbook.

1.  Buy organic, but only sometimes
While buying organic fruits and vegetables is best for our bodies and for the environment, it isn’t always so good for our budget.  If you need to pick and choose which produce to buy organic versus not, stick with Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen, a super easy-to-follow guide of which produce has the most pesticide residue versus which doesn’t.

2.  Buy items with less packaging
By sticking to items which little-to-no-packaging, you are not only eating more healthful items (an apple doesn’t need a package), you are also probably not buying individual packets of outerspace-orange organic cheese crackers (or whatever snack-y item your child is begging you for).  This also is a great rule for checking out the bulk aisle – I buy grains and nuts there, where I only get what I need, which saves money (not to mention the environment!)

3.  Be a detective
The amount of healthy options in regular grocery stores is growing by leaps and bounds.  All you have to do it to look a little harder in your local store and you may find some healthy foods – the ones that you were oggling over in the natural food store – and they cost less.  Just be sure to read the labels:  stick to products with only a handful of ingredients to ensure you are not getting the above-referenced cheese crackers or some sort of soy-isolate-blah-blah-blah that really isn’t good for you anyway.

Try these tips next time you shop and let me know how they work for you!

Or, need a little hand holding with shopping?  Contact me – we can conquer the grocery-dilemma together!

To your health,


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