Tame the Sugar Monster

OK – I admit it – I indulged in peanut M&Ms yesterday.  Somehow they made it into our house with other Valentine’s Day treats, and, while I know how sugary and how bad they are for me, I had one.  And then another.  And by the time I knew it I had eaten a large handful. And I still wanted more!  The sugar monster had hit.

While I am glad that I didn’t eat the whole bag (more on that below), the damage is done.  Today I am tired and even a little weepy from those darn M&Ms.  While it was the chocolately taste that tickled my taste buds, they contain a whopping 22 grams of sugar per serving.  My normal 70% dark chocolate bar only has 13 grams.  That’s a big difference!

You see, sugar is like crack.  It’s an uplifting food that makes you feel GREAT immediately after eating it, which is why we love it so much.  But, then, without notice is smacks you back down to the earth again with a thud (we’ve all been there about 30 minutes after eating a donut, right?).  It’s and up and down roller coaster but somehow we just want more and more of it.  To top off the evil effects of this monster, we still feel some nasty symptoms the next day with dark circles, mood swings, and an energy drain.

So, you guys are probably wondering, how DID you tame the M&M sugar monster and not eat the whole bag (like we all want to do)?  I put on my health coach cap and

  • I took a breath and thought of the consequences.
    While my mouth was screaming to have a party RIGHT THEN with that bag of M&Ms, I knew that my body would rebel later and be bloated, constipated and moody (all qualities which are SO sexy).  I knew I was going to celebrate Valentine’s Day  with Dave in the evening with some champagne and romance and I didn’t want to feel fat and icky.
  • I found a better alternative.
    Dave, knowing my chocoholic tendencies, gave me a nice bar of 70% dark chocolate (yep – the one with only 13 grams of sugar per serving).  I went ahead and had a small square of that, and you know what? One tiny square was enough.  Dark chocolate, the REALLY good kind that is at least 70% cocoa, is rich and satisfying with a much smaller amount (which means less calories and less sugar!).
  • I drank a big glass of water and waited a few minutes.
    Just to make sure those M&Ms wouldn’t call my name again, I decided to wash it all down with pure, clean water.  Water is SUCH a powerful tool in actively bringing us to health!  I did something loving for myself my getting some extra hydration (always a good thing!) and then pausing.  And, it worked – chocolate was no longer on my brain and I could focus on looking forward to that champagne and a nice night with Dave.

Whew – lesson learned.  No more peanut M&Ms in my future.  Only food that fuels me to my utmost potential, because I am worth it.

What challenges do you have with sugar?  How do you deal with them? I’d love to hear from you, so please post your comments below.

Do you need support around taming your cravings?  Contact me for a complementary 30-minute Wanna Eat Well Discovery Session and we’ll kiss those sugar blues away.


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2 Responses to Tame the Sugar Monster

  1. Ania Maslova says:

    Hi Heather!

    LOVE your blog! Such relevant topic.
    So…I’ve been fighting sugar recently, too. First, with little success as it kept sneaking into my drinks and juices (even the delicious tasting almond milk has a dirty secret: sugar!! Geez). Then, after a few weeks on the green shake liquid diet, my body started craving the healthy, energetic green things of food. I slowly converted from agave nectar to stevia in the 6+ cups of herbal tea I drink a day. Success. HOWEVER, I still love almond milk that has sugar! I tried the unsweetened coconut/almond milk combo and still, not as satisfying in protein shakes as the “bad” stuff. Is there an acclimation period or am I doomed? 😉

    P.S. Also, fruits with high sugar–like bananas and apples, are those to be limited?
    P.P.S. Have you tried raw chocolate for those choc cravings? 🙂

    Thank you so much for being so helpful, inspiring and

  2. iwannacookie says:

    Ania – Thanks for your comments! Regarding your sugar questions – the key is to find out how these various foods affect YOU, because everyone is different. Do you notice sugar-withdrawal effects after drinking a smoothie with sweetened almond milk? Or, what about when you have bananas or apples? I do think that there is a fine balance between some sweeteners and the rest of your diet, so pay close attention and see what works for you.
    And, CONGRATS on such clean eating habits! I love it!

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