7 Tips for Feeling Fabulous While on the Road – part 7

Hey there!  WOOHOO!  Tip #7 is here, as is Christmas.  While you are busy remembering all the other helpful things to do while you are on your trip, like

#1  Take healthy snacks with you
#2 Plan in advance for meals
#3  Stay hydrated
#4  Take a probiotic
#5  Avoid a food hangover
#6  Indulge in self care

#7 is one of the simplest to KNOW to do but one of the hardest to actually do.  Are you ready?  It’s to rest before your trip.  Yep, I know for those of you moms out there this sounds like a crazy one, right?  Most of you rush around all night the night before you leave trying to get everything ready.  But, then you start out the trip

  • Exhausted, thinking you can catch up on sleep (but somehow that never happens)
  • Emotional, because you’ve been up all night and fatigue makes you teary
  • Craving bad food due to the fatigue

Is that an way to feel fabulous on your trip?  I don’t think so.

Here’s a tip I find useful for me.  I know that it takes my body about 2-3 days to “catch-up” with my activities.  This means that is I don’t get sleep on Monday, then I am OK on Tuesday but feeling it on Wednesday and/or Thursday.  It also means that if I have some not-so-good foods for me on a certain day that I will be feeling the negative effects of that food about 2-3 days later.  This timeline could be different for you.

The point is to be AWARE that your pre-trip food and lifestyle choices (i.e. to sleep or not to sleep) could really impact how your feel on your trip.  So, if possible, get lots of rest and be kind to yourself before you head out of town.  Your body will thank you!

Happy, Happy Holidays and Hugs!


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