7 Tips for Feeling Fabulous While on the Road – Part 6

Wow – less than a week until Christmas!  If you are busy packing then you really don’t wan’t to miss out on this tip.  But first, here’s a reminder of other tips to keep in mind while preparing for and doing on your trip:

#1  Take healthy snacks with you
#2 Plan in advance for meals
#3  Stay hydrated
#4  Take a probiotic
#5  Avoid a food hangover

Tip #6 is my favorite.  It’s almost like a treat to yourself.  It’s to indulge in self care while you are there.  Traveling is hard on your body, as is being on a different schedule and eating different foods and sleeping in a different bed.  Most of us think that we should take advantage of our trip by staying up late, eating rich foods, and drinking too much.  But then after a few days we may feel tired, cranky, and blah.  Is that any way to enjoy your hard earned trip?

Here’s a few easy suggestions for self care while on the road:

Take luxurious lotions and bath salts with you.  Many of us try to pack light, especially with the airline regulations on liquids these days.  We think we can just use the hotel shampoo, etc.  But, doesn’t it make you feel so much better to use your own nice stuff?  Wouldn’t a nice hot bath with your favorite bath salts be a WONDERFUL way to recharge after a long flight or road trip?  Don’t skimp on these, and then be sure to use them once you get there to give yourself a little extra love.

Take at least 20 minutes for yourself everyday.  This could be taking a walk by yourself, reading a good book, taking a bath, etc.  It’s a time to recharge.  Usually on trips you are spending a lot more time with your family than you usually do.  While this is great, it can also lead to short tempers.  By taking time out for yourself, you can be fully present and enjoy your time with them to the fullest!

Make yourself comfy.  This could mean bringing your own pillow, bringing a hot water bottle or heating pad, or ensuring you have enough blankets.  By allowing yourself to truly rest and get a good night’s sleep, you will wake up refreshed each day.

These tips, to some, may seem selfish.  Yep, they are.  As the funny motivational speaker Colette Carlson says:  The -ish in selfish stands for “I Stay Healthy.”  Be a little selfish on your trip and your family will thank you!

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Hugs and Happy Holidays,


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