7 Tips for Feeling Fabulous While on the Road – Part 5

The holidays are coming!  I know for me this is the “crazy week” – the one where I need to mail out all my packages and where my kids have all their parties and where it’s just CRAZY.  My tip for today is great not only for feeling great while traveling, but it’s also super helpful for soaring through crazy holiday weeks like this one.

Before I share it with you, here’s a reminder of our earlier tips:

#1  Take healthy snacks with you
#2 Plan in advance for meals
#3  Stay hydrated
#4  Take a probiotic

And now…drumroll please…for tip #5:   Avoid a food hangover.  Whaaa?  You all know how awful a hangover feels like when you’ve had too much to drink the night before, right?  Well, food can affect you in just as many negative ways.  For example, say you have a really rich dinner really late at night.  You may wake up the next morning with a stomachache or a heavy feeling in your tummy.  Or, you may be very tired.   These are different ways that your body is processing the overload of food.

Or, say you eat too many Christmas cookies. The next day you may notice that you are feeling more irritable than usual.  You may be craving even more cookies.  This type of reaction is from the sugar and is indicative of the addictive properties of sugar.

Most of us know at least one food or drink that we tend to binge on.  It’s probably something very sweet, very salty, or alcoholic.  🙂  I’m not telling you to avoid those foods all together – go ahead and enjoy!  After all, this is the season of joy!  What I am telling you to do it this:

Before you eat your binge item, think, “Is it worth it?”  Make sure what you are indulging in is really going to give you satisfaction and happiness.  If so, eat it with gusto and merriment.  If you are eating it out of spite or loneliness, then may it isn’t the best choice – maybe a nap or a call to a good friend is better.

Ask “How will I feel tomorrow if I eat/drink this?”  This is so important while traveling!  If you think, “I know I shouldn’t be eating this but I want to anyway” you may be setting yourself up for a miserable day tomorrow.  I know for me personally, when I eat cheese I feel awful the next day – I get gassy and constipated.  No fun and definitely not what I want on the road.  So, it’s worth it for me to avoid cheese, even though I love it.

Enjoy but be wise.  This is a season of eating.  It’s a season of temptation.  I love food, and I love treats.  The purpose of my post today is to tell you to ENJOY food this month, but to be wise about it.  SAVOR that one piece of fudge and then move on.  CELEBRATE with that one glass of champagne.  TICKLE your tastebuds with that one yummy appetizer.  Just be aware of your choices and how they will affect you in the future.

To your health!


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