7 Tips for Feeling Fabulous While on the Road – Part 4

Are you all getting excited for the holidays yet?  Are you busily prepping for your big trip?  I hope that as you are busily getting ready, that you remember to follow my earlier tips:

#1  Take healthy snacks with you
#2 Plan in advance for meals
#3  Stay hydrated

There’s another digestion-boosting tip I want to give you in tip #4:  Take probiotics.  Probiotics are live organisms that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut.  They are often called “good bacteria” or “friendly bacteria.”

You may have heard about probiotics in yogurt.  I have many people ask me if eating yogurt is OK as a form of probiotic.  I tell them “yes” but a probiotic supplement is MUCH better.  I tell my clients to look for one that has to be refrigerated and for one that has multiple strains of cultures.  Keeping the supplements cold ensures that the bacteria stay alive long enough to make it into your body and not die in the container.  Having multiple cultures in your supplement ensures that one supplement can tackle just about any digestive complaint that can arise.  You can get great probiotic supplements at natural food stores. (And, if you don’t have access to a fridge on your trip, just make sure that the probiotics don’t stay in a super hot car or get hotter than room temperature).

So why is this so important to take when you travel?  Probiotics are actually beneficial all the time, but they can really be your best buddy when you travel.  They can help in these ways:

  • They help prevent gas, bloating, and stomach upset.  When you are eating out more frequently (on the road) or are eating new foods, your stomach system may not always agree with you.  The excess seasoning and high fat content of restaurant foods may turn your stomach very acidic and sour;  probiotics will help to being your gut back into balance so you can feel “normal.”
  • They prevent “traveler’s diarrhea.”  What could be worse then being stuck in a hotel room on your dream vacation with diarrhea?  Yet it’s called “traveler’s diarrhea” for a reason – it happens a lot.  It goes back to being on a trip and being exposed to new foods, a new routine, different “bugs” (aka viruses or microorganisms), etc.  Probiotics will help fill your gut with the good bacteria to balance everything out and have you partying’ on.
  • They alleviate constipation.  This is another huge issue for travelers.  But it’s one that many people don’t talk about.  How frustrating it is to feel icky and full of you know what when you are traveling?  Take a probiotic and ENJOY your well earned vacation.

If you don’t currently take a probiotic regularly, get on one now so that your body will be adjusted to it by the time you go on your trip.  Some people experience mild bloating when they first try a probiotic, so be patient and know that your gut is balancing itself out.  After a week it will be HAPPY and thank you for being kind to it!

Enjoy a happy tummy this holiday season.  And, if you need some help tackling these tips and more so you can really sparkle this holiday season, contact me to schedule a complementary Wanna Eat Well stately call.  It only takes 30 minutes, and it’s free.

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