7 Tips for Feeling Fabulous While on the Road – Part 3

I hope everyone’s travels at Thanksgiving were happy and healthy!  I heard from several of you who said that you used tip #1 of Taking Healthy Snacks with You and tip #2 of Planning in Advance for Meals and that they were super helpful.  Thanks for the great feedback!  As you continue your holiday travels, here are more ways you can keep rockin’ around the Christmas tree:

Tip #3:  Stay Hydrated

Yep, this one is so simple – you’ve all probably heard it before and know that you need to drink more water.  But, I can’t stress enough how important it is!  When you’re on an airplane you are breathing in dry, recycled air that can wreak havoc on your sinuses, your digestion, and your overall health.  When you begin to get dehydrated you may:

  • Feel tired
  • Have a headhache
  • Get constipated

All things that will NOT make for a Happy Holiday.  So, here’s what to do:

  • Drink water first thing upon waking.  When you first wake up you are dehydrated from sleeping and having a big glass of water is a great way to front load your fluids for the day.  It’s energizing too!
  • Bring your own water bottle with you to the airport or in the car.  Fill it up before you leave for the airport and drink it before you get to security.  Once you are through security, fill it up again and take it with you on the plane.  (Isn’t it weird that the flight attendant will only give you a TINY cup of water on the plane when they give everyone else a HUGE soda?)  Be proactive and bring your own!  Or, if you are traveling by car, have your water bottle filled in the car and drink it all day (even if you need to plan rest stops accordingly).  Drinking extra water will help you feel great and ready to enjoy your trip!
  • Drink water before drinking alcohol.  If you are planning on living it up and celebrating with alcohol, do your body a favor and drink a glass of water before every alcoholic drink.  Your body will thank you the next morning!  And, you will be able to pace yourself and dance all evening.

Water bottles can be found nearly everywhere.  Buy yourself a cute one (aluminum or BPA-free is best) and have it be your best friend – take it with you on the road and you’re sure to sparkle for Santa.



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