Sometimes you just need a treat

I’ve had one of those days.  The day where the school nurse calls you to come get your child and your plans turn upside down for the day and you are filled with worry.  Kate somehow fell on another child and the other child’s head rammed into her shoulder.  She was in pain and couldn’t move much of her arm.  We all wondered if she had broken her collarbone.  So…off to the doctor we went.  On the way, though, she really needed a pick-me-up.  Some extra attention to take her mind off of things.  And, since we had a few minutes before her appointment, I thought it would be nice to stop at Starbucks and have a little treat.

Guess what she wanted?  Something full of chocolate and whip cream and syrup and I don’t even know what else.  They told me there wasn’t any coffee in there, but other than lots of sugar, I’m not exactly sure what it was.  But, because stopping at Starbucks is a rare occurrence and because I was trying to keep her mind off of her shoulder, I let her have it.  And she LOVED it!  I even got a smile out of her.  (And, I am happy to say that her collarbone wasn’t broken, just bruised).

Now that I am a health and wellness coach I get a lot of people giving me excuses regarding their food choices.  I am guessing that they think I may be judging them.  Or, them may think that me and my family eat well all the time.  It could be possible that they know they aren’t eating well and are ashamed of being “caught.”  Whatever the reason, I do get a lot of embarrassed  looks when it comes to talking about “treats.”   But treats are yummy!  Treats are fun!  Treats are..well..treats!

Here’s my take: Go ahead and have a treat when you need it.  It will stay special as long as it’s not an everyday occurrence and you only have it occasionally.  If you don’t have it often then it’s not going to impact your overall health.  In fact, it may improve your health if it helps you stay on track the rest of the time.   A good rule of thumb is 80/20 or 90/10.  If you can eat well 80%-90% of the time, then it’s OK to “splurge” or “be bad” 10-20% of the time.

And, when you do indulge – savor it.  Eat it as slowly as possible.  Notice the taste on your tongue.  Feel the texture.  If you truly stop and enjoy that ice cream or cookie or french fry, then you may not be as tempted to have more than you should.  Eat it with pleasure!  That’s what enjoying food is all about, right?

Here’s to TRICK or TREATing!

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One Response to Sometimes you just need a treat

  1. so true Heather! happy Kate is okay. Hugs & no tricks- just special treats to you! xo

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