My newest love – green juice!

Stop.  I have something so much better for your energy than coffee or soda.  I know you are probably thinking that you can’t live without caffeine.  I used to feel that way too.  And, there are some arguments that coffee actually has some health benefits.  So, I won’t tell you to give it up just yet.  What I would like you to do is to check out my video on my newest energy boost:  Green juice!

My favorite recipe for green juice (use all organic, if possible):

2 celery stalks
1/2 cucumber
1 large leaf kale
handful of parsley
1 granny smith apple
1 lime

Don’t have  a juicer?  Head to your nearest Whole Foods or juice bar and try one for yourself.  And enjoy the energy boost!

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4 Responses to My newest love – green juice!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Awesome!! You did it! Your video was so good. I don’t know what you were worried about! You’ve made me want a juicer now too!!!!

  2. Lisa Fraley says:

    So fun to watch you in your video, Heather! Great job!!! Look forward to seeing you in Philly next week! 🙂 Lisa Fraley

  3. Susie Gerstl Braun says:

    So, can this same juice be done in a strong blender, or have you found a similar one for the BlendTec? Love your blog – thanks for all the great positiveness and good ideas!

    • iwannacookie says:

      Hey Susie! If you do this in a blender, it will be a smoothie, not juice. You see, a juicer takes out the pulp (the fiber), making it lighter and more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s the reason why it gives you an instant boost. Smoothies are awesome too, but because they contain the whole vegetable/fruit, they are thicker and more filling. Both are super good for you – it’s just a matter of preference. Enjoy!

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