Shake Your A**

Yep – I wanted to spell it out but I’m trying to be politically correct here.  However, I shook my a** A LOT yesterday and it felt fantastic.  You see, my kids went back to school and I was was super excited to be able to FINALLY head back to my favorite Tuesday favorite kickboxing class at the gym.  I had missed it most of the summer – I was either traveling or spending time with the kids.  And that was fun too.  However, yesterday as soon as they were off I did a happy dance and scooted myself over to the gym.  As I was sweating and feeling the rush from my hard workout (along with 50 other ladies – WHEW!  That’s a rush in itself!), I was thinking just how much I LOVE my kickboxing and how I must really be LOVING my body because I am taking care of it in this way.  OK, so I also LOVE bringing out my inner Charlie’s Angel as I do a roundhouse kick or a jab-cross into my imaginary opponent, but that’s a different story.

I KNOW you all KNOW that we all need to exercise.  We hear it all the time, and for many of us it feel like a chore.  Like something as unpleasant as laundry that we need to check off our list as quickly as possible.  And, because of that attitude, we find ways to get out of it.  I feel like that sometimes too. However, by finding ways that I truly love to exercise, I have come to crave it.  Kickboxing, as I mentioned, is a fav, but also is walking the dog with my husband in the mornings.   I’m also enjoying a pilates class.  Dave and Nathan have taken up playing racquetball together and are having a blast.  Kate likes tennis and is going to is excited to try volleyball this fall.

Whatever your favorite form of movement is, I encourage you to do it not because you HAVE TO, but because you LOVE yourself.  Look at it as a treat to yourself, like a fabulous massage or a date night – something to truly relish.  Your body is the only one you’re gonna get, so why not nourish it with love and respect?  Do it as a nourishing self care activity and you’ll have so much more fun, not to mention you’re more likely to stick with it.   I challenge you to workout with love and see how you feel.  Just think, while you are having fun burning those calories, you’ll also be making yourself look younger and adding years to your life.  How nice is that to yourself?  And, as one of my favorite authors Kris Carr states “When you shake your ass, focus, manifest, pray, and laugh, yowie are you gonna soar!” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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2 Responses to Shake Your A**

  1. Susi Braun says:

    Heather, I love getting your email updates and reading your blog. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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