Whaaaa?  Yep, we chew at least 3 times a day everyday, but how many times do you actually focus on chewing your food?  Chewing has so many amazing benefits, such as

  • It allows you to slow down your eating so that you feel fuller more quickly (and don’t overeat).  Breathe and be thankful for your meal.
  • It ensures that your food is properly broken down so that it is ready for digestion – a good way to remember this is to keep in mind that your stomach doesn’t have teeth.  Stop the bloat!
  • It forces you to be more mindful to truly enjoy your food.  Taste every flavor.

That’s a far cry from wolfing down a burger and fries in our cars on our way to our next place, right?  Take time out at your next meal to breathe, be mindful, and give thanks for your food.  See how you feel after eating a mindful meal.  Food is love – why not give it to your body in the most loving way possible?

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