Hibiscus Iced Tea

OK – it’s mid-afternoon and y’all are probably reaching for that chilled soda or sugary drink as a pick me up.  Before you even think about it – WAIT!  I have a much better option for you.  Try hibiscus iced tea.

So refreshing, and zero calories!

So refreshing, with absolutely zero calories

Naturally sweet.  Refreshing. Delicious.  And – the best part?  ZERO calories.

I make it from tea bags in my iced tea maker.  My favorite is from The Republic of Tea.  But, my husband likes to buy the loose tea from a local tea shop and boil a concoction of this tea (too much hassle for me, but heck, if he’s gonna make it for me then I’ll drink it!)

This sweet, refreshing tea not only is great for your waistline, it has some amazing health benefits.  Studies have shown hibiscus to help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and it has some amazing antioxidants in it to help fight cancerous cells.  How’s that for a powerful pick-me up on a hot afternoon?

So, walk straight past that coke machine, buddy, and next time you are in your local health food store, pick up some hibiscus iced tea and try it.  The Republic of Tea even offers a bottled version.

Rating:  A++++++++. This is the lowest calorie thing you’re going to find on my blog, and it’s even yummy!

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One Response to Hibiscus Iced Tea

  1. Just added it to my grocery list!!

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