My tongue is clean!

Since I’ve enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am learned sooooo many other ways to upgrade my level of wellness.  My newest favorite?  A tongue cleaner!

A  tongue cleaner is a metal tool to aid in cleaning all that “gunk” off of your tongue.  Here are just a few of the many amazing benefits of this little tool:

  • It helps get rid of toxins (bacteria and mucus) on your tongue that cause bad breath and poor dental hygiene.
  • It helps you taste better!  YUM!
  • It actually helps with digestion by cleaning the salivary glands.
  • It revitalizes the throat and helps clear the sinuses by removing all that icky bacteria.

Cool, huh?  Now you may say “I brush my tongue, isn’t that the same thing?”  To put it bluntly – no.  You see, brushing your tongue just kind of pulls the tongue around, while the tongue cleaner really scrapes all the residue off.  I was nervous the first time I tried it – I thought it may hurt but if feels amazing!

I bought mine for around $5 at the local health food store and I swear, once you try it, you will not go back.  My tongue feels great. YIPPEE!

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One Response to My tongue is clean!

  1. They are great……looking forward to learning so much more this year in IIN.

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