Steel Cut Oatmeal

I keep finding people who don’t like oatmeal.  “It’s too mushy” they say.  While I have always enjoyed the quick cooking oatmeal, I have found a new love:  Steel cut oatmeal!  I first heard about it from Dr. Oz when he was still on Oprah (oh how I love Oprah!).  He was talking about how entirely different it is from regular oatmeal.  I tried it, and WOW – it’s nutty, it’s chewy, it’s filling, and it’s SO healthy!  I make it regularly for breakfast.

Steel cut oatmeal with walnuts, maple syrup and cinnamon. YUM!

How exactly are steel cut oats different from quick cooking oats, you say?  Steel cut oats are the inner portion of the kernel, which have been only cut into two or three pieces.  Because they are less refined, they are healthier – just one serving has 4 grams of fiber!.

How I cook my oatmeal:
For one serving (2 servings according to my package, but this amount would be 300 calories):

  • Heat 1 1/2 cups water to boiling and add a dash of sea salt.
  • Once the water is rapidly boiling, add 1/2 cup steel cut oats (you can find them at most grocery stories these days.)
  • Turn down heat to medium/low and simmer for 20-30 minutes.
  • Add your favorite additions (fruit, nuts, spices, milk, etc.)My favorite “concoction” is with walnuts, maple syrup (just a little to sweeten it), and lots of cinnamon.

Don’t have time in the morning to cook them, you can put them in the crockpot overnight!  Here’s an overnight recipe.

Try steel cut oatmeal and get ya’ whole grains on!

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